The 2018 Toyota C-HR Takes it to the Next Level

For years, the C-HR has been standout in the Toyota lineup that has always been a world leader in quality, innovation, and performance. The C-HR is a crossover SUV that combines function and flare to deliver a vehicle that’s just as fun to ride in as it is to drive. If you’re a fan, then you are in for a special treat with the latest pieces of news from Toyota. 

In 2018, the C-HR is taking “an unexpected next step” with its newest edition. The 2018 C-HR is the next step forward in both style and substance. When creating the new model, designers built around the theme of “Distinctive Diamond.” The C-HR was made to shine just like a luxurious diamond and drive with the strength of one. The aim was to create an urban crossover that can seamlessly navigate streets with a slick look that lives up to the car’s performance. And when you get inside, you will see that this expectation is more than met.

So what’s unique about the C-HR? Start with the exterior, where the outline of the car is highlighted by two skinny LED headlights that connect effortlessly on the shoulder of the car. This gives the new C-HR a wide and more broad appearance while also enhancing the sleek look.
In the interior, the cabin is wide and luxurious for all who are inside. The diamond inspiration takes shape inside the car as the interior angles are designed in such a way so passengers can make the most out of the space. Top tier technology Blind Spot Monitor, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, and Toyota Safety Sense make for a very easy, fun, and safe driving experience.
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